Twitter Picks 22 Best Tweets As Part Of IPO Filing

Here At The 22 Best Tweets Ever Tweeted (According To Twitter)

Ahead of its planned floatation on the stock exchange - now expected to raise more than $1 billion - Twitter has been forced to make some admissions about its service.

Among them are definitive numbers of users, active users and revenue - which you can read about here.

But the social network has also released a list of what it considers to be the 22 best - or at least, most representative - tweets of the total 300 billion ever sent on the service.

They range from tweets of global political importance to various famous people swapping cooking tips - but they do give a good sense of what Twitter does well (and what it doesn't). And as the Wall St Journal notes, it might also be the first company to mention Osama Bin Laden in its public filing.

HuffPost US have gathered together the tweets into a handy list, so for your benefit here are the top 22 tweets ever tweeted:

Obama's election:

Osama bin Laden raid:

Hurricane Sandy:

US Airways Flight 1549 lands on Hudson River:

Mario Batali trades tips with singer Gavin Rossdale:

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey's first tweet:

Water ice found on Mars:

An Everest climb live-tweeted:

Oreo's infamous Super Bowl tweet

Royal baby is born:

Kevin Durant plays flag football:

New Relic ad:

Wheat Thins Vine ad:

Bonobos Twitter sale:

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