Greenpeace Demonstration To Free Artic 30 Attracts Celebs Jude Law, Vivienne Westwood, Among Thousands (PICTURES)

'I'm Really Worried, I Had To Offer My Support' (PICTURES)

Dame Vivian Westwood and Jude Law were just two of the thousands of demonstrators across the UK who have demonstrated in outrage at the pirac charges against 30 Greenpeace protesters.

In the autumn chill, hundreds gathered outside the Russian Embassy in London, with other demonstrations in Edinburgh, Swansea, Bristol, Liverpool and Southampton.

The thirty include Kieron Bryan, a freelance videographer, and five activists from the UK, Philip Ball, Anthony Perrett, Frank Hewetson, Alexandra Harris and Iain Rogers.

Damon Albarn (4th left) and Jude Law (right) with the relatives of Kieron Bryan and Frank Hewetson at a protest outside the Russian Embassy

Greenpeace said around 1,000 people were at the embassy, including Damon Albarn of Blur, Paul Simenon of the Clash, fashion designer Westwood and Alfie actor Law, whose children went to school with Hewetson's.

Law told the charity's website: “I’m just really happy to offer my support – drilling in the Arctic is an international problem and we need to draw attention to it. I’m worried about Frank because I know him and I know his family, but I also know he’s very durable.”

Russia's Investigative Committee said in a statement the charge - which can result in a 15-year prison term upon conviction - was filed on Thursday against 16 members of the crew. The other 14 crew members were similarly charged the day before.

The activists are now in custody in the northern city of Murmansk.

Families of the imprisoned activists were also at the demonstration, including Nina and Joe Gold, the partner and son of Frank Hewetson, Ann and Andy Bryan, the parents of Kieron Bryan, as well as his brother Russell, Phil Ball’s mother and brother, Ruth and Steve, Alex Harris’s sister Georgie, and Ian Rogers’ Aunt Gail.

In statements released by Greenpeace, Ball’s mother Ruth described the piracy charges as ‘bizarre and ridiculous’. Ann Bryan whose son Kieron has also been charged with piracy said: “Each day gets harder but I feel really comforted by what’s happening today, to see so much support for Kieron”

Gold, the partner of Frank Hewetson, said:"Frank is an environmental activist trying, on behalf of us all, to defend the Arctic from exploitation by the oil companies through peaceful non violent protest,"

"His children and I are very concerned for him but know that he will be cheered by the support of millions of people worldwide which is bringing the destruction of the Arctic to international attention."

Protests are set to take place in than 140 cities across 47 countries, from New Zealand to Mexico, from Thailand to Finland, South Africa, India and the United States according to the charity.

Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director of Greenpeace International, said: “The activists were taking a brave stand to protect all of us from climate change, and the dangers of reckless oil drilling in the Arctic.

"Now it’s imperative that millions of us stand up with them to defend the Arctic and demand their immediate release. Gazprom, Shell and the other oil companies rushing to carve up the Arctic and destroy its fragile environment must see that we are millions and we will not be bullied and intimidated into silence. We stand as one, in countries across the world, demanding the release of these thirty brave men and women.”


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