05/10/2013 15:41 BST

Weatherman Simon King Delivers Own Baby Daughter

Weatherman Simon King helps to deliver own baby at home

A BBC weatherman helped to deliver his baby daughter at home after his wife unexpectedly reached the later stages of labour before they had time to get to the hospital.

Simon King, 32, a weatherman based in Salford, and wife Emma expected a long labour, the BBC reports, as their son Noah, 2, took 12 hours to be born.

However, when baby Nell arrived after just four hours of labour, Simon, was forced to take matters into his own hands – and delivered her in the couple’s bedroom.

He said: "My forecasting skills at predicting the birth were rubbish – it was like a band of rain coming in and me saying it would stay dry for ages.

"The experience was terrifying but brilliant. When I saw the head it was the most petrifying thing I’d ever seen.

"I had to call 999 and they talked me through it.

"We’d been doing what we could to induce the baby, and that included a lot of curries – and a very hot Madras."