09/10/2013 03:00 BST | Updated 11/10/2013 11:50 BST

Helen Flanagan Bares Her Underboob As She Tells FHM Her Top Tips For Being Sexy On Reality TV (PICTURE)

Forget sideboob, it's all about the underboob now, right Helen Flanagan?

That's right, the former 'Coronation Street' star - who recently posed topless - lost an awful lot of her clothes yet again, stripping to reveal the underneath of her boobs, ensuring we've seen them from every possible angle.

Helen Flanagan

H-Flan posed provocatively in a striped t-shirt (which looks like it's been on a hot wash, if you ask us) as she revealed to FHM magazine her top tips on how to be sexy on reality TV.

Take it away, Hels...

  1. Wear tight clothes: “Either underwear that’s a bit too small or a padded bra – they’re your best bets.”
  2. Be yourself: “It’s never sexy trying to be someone that you’re not.”
  3. Ignore the cameras: “You look better if you’re not aware. I just forget that the cameras are there!”
  4. Stay sober: “I cringe when I see myself on TV when I’ve had a drink, because I start swearing too much! That’s not sexy.”
  5. Don’t sleep with a cast member: “It’ll never look good on TV. I don’t want to sound prudish, but it’s minging.”

Wise words, we're sure you'll agree.

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