08/10/2013 03:53 BST | Updated 08/10/2013 04:08 BST

Jodie Marsh: 'Pretending To Be A Prostitute Has Put Me Off Men And Sex'

Jodie Marsh has admitted that she's been put off sex after filming a documentary about the sex trade.

The model-turned-bodybuilder says she's also off men after visiting Manchester, Germany and Amsterdam's red light district for the hard-hitting film.

jodie marsh

Jodie Marsh

Talking about the prostitutes she met whilst filming 'Jodie Marsh On The Game', she told The Sun: “Mostly the thing they had in common was they’d all been forced into it by a man. And their lives were s***.

“While we were filming there were quite a few shocking moments for me. One girl — who had a gang bang in Germany where 15 men had sex with her one after the other — said she loved it.

“That gang bang shocked me and it shocked me more that none of the men used condoms. That put me off sex. I’ve been celibate for two and a half years but that put me off sex even more, and the whole crew too. It made me think nobody is coming near my body ever again.”

jodie marsh

As part of the doc, Jodie sat in one of Amsterdam's infamous windows in the red light district to try to get a first hand understanding of what it's like to be a sex worker.

She said: “I was really shocked by what I saw. I saw all these working prostitutes in a place where it’s legal and meant to be safe. You think the girls are there because they want to be there and they were just all off their heads on drugs.

“Loads of blokes were looking at me like I was a piece of meat. These were men you’d never ever consider having sex with in a million years. It was gross but it was easy for me to sit there because I had that safety net and I wasn’t going to let anyone in."

Outspoken Jodie recently let Cheryl Cole know what she thought of the rose tattoo she'd had inked on her bum, labelling the design 'a step too far'.

cheryl cole

Jodie thinks Cheryl's tattoo is a 'step too far'

She said: "I think it’s a brilliantly done tattoo and I think it’s gorgeous, the only thing I don’t like about it is that it hides her beautiful bottom. Why would you want to cover up that lovely bum?”

"I think the issue is that she’s covered up her bum," she added. "For me and for a lot of people, I think because it almost is a step too far.

'Jodie Marsh On... The Game' premieres on TLC on 29 October 10pm

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