08/10/2013 08:53 BST

Vladimir Putin Gives Tony Abbott The Cold Shoulder After He Turns Up Late To APEC Meeting

If there is one person in the world not to annoy, it's probably Vladimir Putin.

Unfortunately for Australia's new Prime Minister Tony Abbott, there was a decidedly frosty air at the APEC summit in Bali after he turned up noticeably late to a meeting with the Russian President.


Awkward: Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, left, and Russian President Vladimir Putin

Concerns a new iron curtain has dropped between Russia and Australia were sparked after Abbott turned up about seven minutes late.

Abbott was seated next to Putin, but a senior official, who was present at the meeting, said the Russian leader was frosty following the Australian's tardiness.


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"There was no engagement, no acknowledgement, an iron curtain," the official said, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.


Abbott appeared to be snubbed by the Russian President Putin

It appeared that a steely-eyed Putin did not look at Abbott once.

A photographer in the travelling media said that the two appeared to be deliberately avoiding each other but noticeable was a sardonic grin on Mr Putin's face, the Herald Sun reported.

Another source in the room said Putin appeared to deliberately turned his back on Abbott when he arrived and sat down.

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