09/10/2013 07:30 BST

3D Printed Pizza Demonstration Shows What Nasa Is Getting Excited About

Back in May Nasa announced it was investing thousands of pounds in 3D printers that could make pizza.

The tantalising and tasty technology was still on the drawing board at the time but now a working model has been demonstrated.

Systems and Materials Research Corporation showed off their device at SXSW Eco in Texas, printing a dough, tomato ketchup and cream cheese pizza.

There has been no word on how it tastes

Although not the traditional round or slice shape the futuristic delicacy is definitely recognisable as pizza.

The ingredients will be come more refined as its creators develop the technology.

Nasa hope such a device could provide a food source for astronauts on space missions where they need a ready source of easily made food that won't expire before they do.

Anjan Contractor, who worked on the machine, said in May: ""Long distance space travel requires 15-plus years of shelf life.

"The way we are working on it is, all the carbs, proteins and macro and micro nutrients are in powder form.

"We take moisture out, and in that form it will last maybe 30 years."