11/10/2013 06:29 BST | Updated 11/10/2013 06:52 BST

Miranda Hart: 'People Always Mistake Me For A Man'

TV comic Miranda Hart isn’t afraid of making people laugh but life has imitated art for the star as she reveals in the real world things also turn into a bit of a farce.

After cutting her hair short the actress and comedian admits she was regularly mistaken for the opposite sex – something that wasn’t helped by her size – she stands at a tall six foot.

Initially she failed to see the funny side, although she swiftly turned things to her advantage.

Miranda Hart

As she spoke on a recording of Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast, Miranda said: “It used to scar me. But then I found it hilarious and would vary my response, which was amusing – seeing how embarrassed they got. Luckily I don’t think anyone kept looking at my face and saying ‘Sir’.”

But instead of being mistaken for a man, Miranda would actually like to bag one for herself, although she admits it’ll take quite the character to sweep her off her feet.

She added: “It’s a real man who can go out with a woman who’s taller than he is. That’s an Alpha Male right there.”

Let’s hope Mr Right doesn’t mistake her for a man first!



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