Glenn Beck Warns That America Will Be Overrun By Terminators (VIDEO)

Former Fox News mouthpiece Glenn Beck has never been shy of conspiratorial portents, having spent the years since Obama’s election in 2008 warning about a communist takeover of America.

Yet his latest caution, espoused on Beck’s internet TV show The Blaze, focuses on an even more bizarre threat – terminators.

Not only do Americans have the prospect of accursed European socialism infecting Beck’s beloved nation, the graying host believes "soulless" machines will be marching across the White House lawn within 20 years.

"Are you out of your mind, America?" he implores. Funny you should ask, Glenn…

The British Ministry of Defence currently has no contingency plans to deal with an invasion of either T-800 or T-1000 hunter killers.

They'll be back...


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