Fox News

The White House was quick to call out a Fox News reporter whose report lacked some important context.
One critic called Lucas Tomlinson's reporting on the US president "the epitome of astroturfing a political attack."
"Such a weird thing to say," Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt said of the president's birthday joke.
Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) went on Fox News to offer thoughts and prayers – but no legislative action – after a mass shooting killed more than a dozen people in Maine.
One speaker dethroned. Two candidates derailed. An expert on our modern political parties explains what’s behind the Republican Party chaos in Congress.
Geraldo Rivera cursed live on air and claimed it was "a personal embarrassment" that he'd been friends with the former president for so long.
There's one glaring issue standing in the way of the far-right plot to install Trump as next House speaker.
The Fox News host pressed the Florida governor as she questioned his "path to victory" in 2024.
The much-indicted ex-president gave Raheem Kassam a host-by-host Fox critique before copping to how much he watches.
I’ve seen fun and laughter, and laughter and fun.” Seattle residents mocked a Fox News reporter for trying to address how they feel about crime in their city.