Fox News

The right-wing network's call for help in its culture wars backfires hilariously.
"I think he’s doing just fine without social media," claimed the former White House press secretary and new contributor for Fox News.
Tucker Carlson said he and his team spent "all day" trying to locate the conspiracy theory.
Tucker Carlson is very uncomfortable with the first couple’s openly affectionate relationship.
Former political chief Chris Stirewalt reveals how Trump supporters reacted to election night news.
Shocking comments from the president and his allies are laid bare in the Daily Show montage.
Murdoch claims he's encouraging people to get the jab, but his Fox News hosts in the US are pushing anti-vaccine talking points on air.
Will Donald Trump's most ardent supporters ever stop changing the criteria for Joe Biden's victory, "The Daily Show" asks in the damning montage.
Geraldo Rivera said the president won't take his calls "because of my position on the election being over."