Fox News

Jesse Watters's flub is "just another case of their propaganda and lying to their viewers", artist Chris Veal told HuffPost.
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene also complained that she was blocked from entering the spin room after the presidential primary debate.
The Florida governor's debate appearance may have been memorable in all the wrong ways.
The former New Jersey governor turned the insult into a challenge for the former president.
The longtime Fox News host offers a reminder on a "failed presidency."
The Republican Accountability Project wants Trump to face the music.
Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy warns Republicans that nominating Trump will be an election disaster.
Speaking at a Fox News town hall, the former president and 2024 hopeful said it was a "great question" before pivoting to discuss his "wonderful life."
The Sound of Freedom star had biblical praise for the twice-indicted former president on Fox & Friends.