Fox News

The Sound of Freedom star had biblical praise for the twice-indicted former president on Fox & Friends.
Fox News' Maria Bartiromo declared that Trump "didn't drain the swamp" after he offered his reasoning for hiring people he "didn't like" in his administration.
The president took umbrage at a question from Jacqui Heinrich after the Supreme Court ruled against his student loan forgiveness plan.
The Florida governor and Trump rival in the GOP presidential race seemed to make a reference to a supposed strange habit.
The Republican Accountability Project is using the former president's own words against him in a $1 million ad campaign.
The former president struggled with this question during a Fox News interview.
Brit Hume tried to sum up Trump's latest attempt to defend himself, and it wasn't easy.
Host Brian Kilmeade also solemnly introduced Trump as "the president of the United States."
Personalities on the conservative network mocked the dangerous haze.
The former Fox News host vowed to be back for “much more, very soon.”