Chris Christie Turns Trump’s ‘Fat Pig’ Insult Into A Gutsy New Attack

The former New Jersey governor turned the insult into a challenge for the former president.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (Republican) is firing back at Donald Trump after the former US president attacked him again over his weight.

“Christie, he’s eating right now. He can’t be bothered,” Trump said during a rally in New Hampshire on Tuesday.

Then, he pointed into the laughing crowd.

“Sir, please do not call him a fat pig,” Trump said. “See, I’m trying to be nice. Don’t call him a fat pig.”

Christie fired back on X (aka Twitter) with a challenge.

“If you had the guts you would show up to the debate and say it to my face,” Christie said.

Christie has been trying to goad Trump into attending the Republican presidential debate to be hosted by Fox News later this month.

Trump has indicated he’s unlikely to attend ― but said it should take place anyway “so I can see who I MIGHT consider for Vice President,” he wrote on his Truth Social website last month.

Trump and Christie were once close allies, with Christie becoming one of the first prominent Republicans to endorse Trump after dropping out of the presidential race himself in 2016.

Christie remained a member of the Trump inner circle throughout the presidency, but became increasingly critical after and is now running against him for the Republican presidential nomination.

Trump has targeted Christie’s waistline in the past, and shared a video in June mocking him for his weight.

Christie fired back:


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