Chris Christie

The former New Jersey governor was Donald Trump's loudest critic in the field, making him anathema to most Republican primary voters.
The Republican presidential candidate has since become a staunch critic of the former president.
During a campaign event in New Hampshire, Trump told crowds that immigrants are “poisoning the blood of our country.”
It may have taken 17 minutes for Christie to speak a word on the debate stage, but he came out swinging at the former president in his first response.
The former New Jersey governor also predicted what could become the final straw for Trump supporters.
“Intolerance toward anyone encourages intolerance toward everyone,” Christie told CNN's Dana Bash.
The candidate who made Trump’s coup attempt his top issue remains in the presidential race and says he has already qualified for the next debate.
“There is a significant likelihood that Donald Trump will be found guilty by a jury on a felony offense,” said the former Arkansas governor and 2024 hopeful.
With less than four months before primary voting starts, the non-Trump field likely did little to make up ground against the coup-attempting front-runner.
Christie prepped Trump for presidential debates in both 2016 and 2020.