Republican Group Demands 'Consequences' For Trump In Scathing Fox News Ad

The Republican Accountability Project wants Trump to face the music.

A Republican group opposed to Donald Trump is launching a new ad campaign on Fox News that’s a lot different from the right-wing network’s programming right now.

While many of the network’s hosts defend Trump amid the federal indictment over his role in events leading up to the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, the spot from the Republican Accountability Project urges “consequences” for the former president.

“Trump told them to fight,” the on-screen text states as clips of Trump urging his supporters to “fight like hell” is spliced with footage of the mob doing exactly that at the Capitol.

“Trump did this. He’ll do it again,” the text states. “Unless he faces consequences.”

The organisation said the video is part of a six-figure ad campaign to run on Fox News nationally as well as in the swing states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Wisconsin over the next week, including on Hannity and Fox & Friends.

The Republican Accountability Project has been running videos online and on TV against Trump and some of his biggest enablers in Congress.


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