Drowned Chicken Brought Back To Life After Mum Spends Three Hours Performing CPR

In a story of resurrection unlikely to be matched until Easter, an Australian woman spent more than three hours giving CPR to a blind pet chicken - and it worked.

Visually-impaired and aquatically-incompetent, 'Chooky Wooky', was blown by strong winds into the family's swimming pool from where it was dragged lifeless and limp.

The chicken's owner, 14-year-old Rayna, was understandably distraught so her mother, Roberta, set about administering CPR.

Rayna with her parents and Chooky Wooky

She said: "She was floating in the pool, stiff as a board", reports Sydney's Daily Telegraph.

She added: "We had some friends around who thought we were crazy and left, because it was hard to watch.

"I took great pleasure in texting them when we'd brought her back to life."

For good measure and to prove she was back to herself the hen duly laid an egg.

Rayna has autism and Chooky Wooky is a valuable companion for her.

She said: "She hopped up, did a poo, I thought 'you show off' and then she even laid an egg.

"She's OK now ... Chooky really is a miracle chicken and she's my inspiration."