17/10/2013 08:51 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

1960s Fashion: Mini-Skirts, Twiggy And Mods

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1960s style is remembered as the period that broke with fashion traditions. Designer Mary Quant is credited with the creation of the leg-baring mini-skirt, coloured tights and hot pants, which were key aspects of the decade's style.

In London in the early 1960s the preppy, art and music-inspired Mod movement (in opposition to the leather-wearing rockers), took hold. The pastel hues of the 50s were replaced by bright colours, bold geometric shapes, boxy jackets and patent shoes, with mohair suits for the boys. Model and trend-setter Twiggy became the poster girl for 1960s style, especially the Mod movement, with her pixie hair and almost-cartoonish eye makeup.

Fashion was also influenced by those such as U.S. First Lady Jackie Kennedy, whose Oleg Cassini coats, polished suits and pillbox hats made her a timeless style icon; Grace Kelly, whose easy elegance spawned countless imitators; and English actress Jane Birkin, who epitomised the more laidback Swinging 60s look.

The period was also known for its futuristic bent and space-age silhouettes (PVC dresses and go-go boots) - thanks to designers like Pierre Cardin, André Courrèges and Paco Rabanne - and for its hippie style, embodied in unisex bell-bottoms, flowing caftans, printed paisleys, tie-dyed tops, headbands and psychedelic patterned, flower-power fashion.

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By Brogan Driscoll & Jen Barton