Early Apple Photo Shows Stack Of Apple 1 Computers In Corner Of Steve Jobs Bedroom In 1976


Considering they recently declared a cash hoard of $147 billion (£90.86 billion), it's easy to forget Apple started out from somewhat humble beginnings.

This newly surface photo is a reminder of just that, a grainy snap of the corner of the late Steve Job's bedroom in his parents house.

What makes the photo really exciting is the stack of Apple 1 computers, the company's first computer.

Humble beginnings...

A soldering iron can be seen on the desk, used by Jobs and his friend and Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, to hand build the machines.

It photo was taken in 1976 when Jobs was just 21.

The image has surfaced at the same time as one of the computers pictured in it has come up for auction.

The mint condition Apple 1 is expected to sell for at least £350,000 but could top the million mark.

Another Apple 1 sold for £441,600 back in May, an event which prompted this device's current owner to give it up.

The Apple 1 sold in May. Steve Wozniak's verification signature can be seen on the circuit board

They originally sold for the rather dubious price of $666.66. Sixty-one still exist although only six are in working condition.

The Apple 1 is a far cry from the top-of-the-range devices the company sells today.

They were sold as kits containing a circuit board with around 60 chips and a paltry 8K of memory.

An Apple 1 CPU ran at a sedate 1MHz.

Users had to add a monitor and tape player in order to construct a working computer.

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