So-called 'snooptech' has created a market for tech whose sole purpose is to allow companies to watch and track their staff, writes Ben Gallagher
Yes it's boring, but here's a reason to update your computer.
Money will feed post-Brexit demand for advanced skills in tech and engineering.
    Underperforming schools will be handed a multi-million pound boost by the Chancellor to drive up teaching standards.  Eyeing
This year, the theme for the UN's International Day of Older People, centred around tapping into the talents and contributions
Contained within the paradox is the necessity for manual expertise. We can indeed take this one step further, as not only must the operator be extremely adept in their profession, they must be able to retain their expertise after lengthy periods of inactivity, beyond overseeing and monitoring automation systems.
Helping children collaborate on their learning will take the pressure off teachers and hopefully encourage more to take up the curriculum. With children learning together, the teacher is free to take on a supervisory, supporting and troubleshooting role.
Once inside the system, hackers are able to move around the system until they find their points of interest - staff and processes that allow them to extract money from the infected system. The worrying thing is that this attack is still active.
Thanks to the information being shared by these cars, traffic management systems have dealt with congestion black spots before they can affect you, so your journey is smooth and fast.