China Penis Building Photoshop Mashup Is Juvenile But Pretty Hilarious (PICTURE)

If You Think This Looks Bad...

There are a few rather odd-looking buildings in China.

First there is the "Big Underpants" headquarters of China Central Television:

Then the two balls of the Shanghai International Convention Centre:

And the Birds Nest Olympic stadium:

And finally this phallic monstrosity, the new headquarters building of People’s Daily.

Put them all together in one hilariously immature Photoshop and you get this:


It's a step up from some even cruder photoshopping back in May.

China's censors, who were decidedly unamused and set about spoiling everyone's fun, reports the South China Morning Post. Now, Weibo visitors searching for "People's Daily building" are instead met with this message: "According to relevant laws, regulations and policies, search results cannot be displayed."


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