Japanese Yamamoto Corporation Invents Radiation-Proof Underwear For Fukushima Workers (PICTURES)

Japan is still dealing with the literal fallout from the Fukushima nuclear disaster - and the latest news, that radioactive water is still leaking into the sea, has raised local fears at the long term health risks.

Meanwhile many brave men and women are still working in the Fukushima area to try and make the plant safer.

Which explains these new anti-radiation wetsuits by Osaka's Yamamoto Corporation, which otherwise might look slightly ridiculous.

In fact they are a deadly serious innovation, made from rubberised kneaded carbon which the company claims can stop 100% of beta radiation.

The wetsuit weighs just 3kg and stretches - though that is limited by the need to stop seepage. Kotaku and 47News report the wetsuit will be released in November, alongside a new range of lead-based underwear.

The wetsuit will cost just over $1,000 when it's released, while the underwear will cost about $825.