The Tokyo Olympics might just be getting started, but video game fans have already won gold.
The National Trust wants to kickstart a 'blossom season" in the UK, just like in Japan.
Yoshiro Mori has created a storm in Japan where women are grossly under-represented in politics and in boardrooms.
Campaigners say claims by Liz Truss' Department for International Trade about UK-Japan trade deal benefits should be taken with "pinch of salt".
Prime minister Shinzo Abe warned the typhoon could bring "record rains, winds, waves and high tides".
Japan is currently due to host the sporting event from July 24, but it could be pushed to the end of the year.
The broadcaster confirmed it is re-editing footage from Saturday Night Takeaway for future airings.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said he has asked schools to remain closed until spring holidays begin in late March.
The Japanese man used to say the secret to longevity was to keep smiling.
David Abel said he "came over a bit weird and nearly passed out," after being taken to the facility in an ambulance.