Qatar World Cup: Japan 'Winners On And Off Pitch' Due To Admirable Post-Match Gesture

Japan 1-0 litter.
A Japanese fan clears rubbish from the stands after the match between Germany and Japan
A Japanese fan clears rubbish from the stands after the match between Germany and Japan
Alex Grimm via Getty Images

Japan’s fans have impressed after they were seen tidying up Qatar’s main stadium following the team’s first World Cup match on Wednesday.

Not only did their team win the Group E match against Germany 2-1 in a surprise turn of events, but supporters went the extra mile to hold off on celebrating to make sure they respected the venue.

Yes, that’s right – despite the huge success of the match, manners came first for the fanbase.

Almost as soon as the game concluded and players left the pitch, the fans of Samurai Blue (as the team is affectionately known) went around the seats of Khalifa International Stadium to make sure they were left in good condition.

It’s a pretty stark contrast to the usual state stadiums are left in, with food wrappers and drink cups are scattered everywhere.

And the celebrations only truly seemed to begin once the place was left clean and tidy.

The footballers were no different – a photo shared by Channel 5 presenter Dan Walker revealed Japan’s squad even left their dressing room completely spotless after the game.

Fans were just as tidy at the World Cup in Russia in 2018, even after a 3-2 defeat against Belgium.

The supporters also showed exemplary manners gain at the 2022 tournament opener between Qatar and Ecuador on Sunday too, despite their own team not being involved.

Professor of sociology at Osaka University, Scott North, told the BBC back in 2018: “Cleaning up after football matches is an extension of basic behaviours that are taught in school, where the children clean their school classrooms and hallways.”

Amid a World Cup that has been overshadowed by controversy, these efforts seemed to delight people online.


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