Sir Bill Wiggin says the UK should only accept the “right” kind of migrants: "We don’t want people in rubber boats."
The foreign secretary touched down in Doha hours after a brutal grilling over Afghanistan.
The Italian high jumper leapt into his Qatari rival's arms when they decided to split the title.
He has been charged with wasting police time.
The US President could well use Khashoggi’s disappearance as leverage to wrest concessions out of Saudi Arabia on important issues to the West
'The blockade of Qatar, though unique in many ways, serves as an example of how, when handed lemons, a state can make lemonade.'
Tory minister accused by Labour of 'running scared' of his record
North Koreans will start leaving Qatar and Kuwait after the Gulf Arab states announced they would stop renewing visas. It
September is here and once again that back-to-school feeling seems to seep into my consciousness. As my mind wanders, I find myself reminiscing about those first few days when the books smell new and the shoes still shine. We spend over a decade leaping from one classroom to the next, at an institution many look back on with fondness, others with unease. As time passes, however, school becomes an intrinsic part of our collective memory.