"David wasn’t apologetic about it, but he was very open to discussing it. And we did discuss it," said director Fisher Stevens.
The former footballer faced a backlash for signing a deal to be an ambassador for the country during the 2022 tournament due to its human rights record.
The BBC sports presenter has said she still receives abuse about her decision to wear the One Love armband.
More than 700 people complained to the TV watchdog about the former footballer's remarks.
The stand-up comedian was among David Beckham's most vocal critics for accepting an ambassadorship role during the 2022 World Cup.
The outspoken pundit took aim at the government while covering the World Cup final.
Comedian Joe Lycett repeatedly called out the former footballer for signing a deal with the World Cup hosts, reported to be worth £100 million.
The comedian previously issued David with a very public ultimatum over his ambassadorship role in the country.
The scandal involves Eva Kaili, a European Parliament member from Greece.