Joe Lycett Claims He's Finally Heard Back From David Beckham Over Qatar Controversy

The comedian previously issued David with a very public ultimatum over his ambassadorship role in the country.
Joe Lycett and David Beckham
Joe Lycett and David Beckham
Ken McKay/ITV/Alfonso Jimenez/Shutterstock

Joe Lycett has claimed he’s finally had a response from David Beckham after publicly issuing the former footballer with a very public ultimatum over his ambassadorship role with Qatar.

Last month, the stand-up coming publicly criticised the former England captain for accepting a role reported to be worth £100 million to serve as an ambassador for Qatar during the 2022 World Cup.

In a video posted on social media, Joe claimed that if David pulled out of the deal he would donate £10K of his own money to charities supporting queer people – but if he didn’t, the comic would shred the money instead.

When David failed to pull out of the deal – or even acknowledge Joe’s video – the former Great British Sewing Bee host appeared to hold up his end of the deal, sharing a video of him throwing £10K into a shredder.

However, he later confirmed that the whole thing was a stunt.

In a series of tweets posted on Thursday morning, Joe claimed he had finally received word back from David Beckham’s team, which would be featured in a special episode of his Channel 4 show Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back.

“David Beckham’s team have issued my programme with an exclusive statement, which will be broadcast tonight as part of my Got Your Back special at 9pm on Channel 4,” he wrote.

As far as we are aware this is the only statement he or his team have given to any outlet regarding his involvement in Qatar. I have been advised that legally I cannot give my opinion on it, so you’ll have to make up your own minds.”

Joe isn’t the only public figure to have called out David for his Qatar deal, with former Great British Bake Off star John Whaite stating: “I think it’s disgusting, he’s cheapening himself.”

Meanwhile, pop singer Will Young said: “The decision to take the alleged £150 million over 15 years is greedy enough, the burying of your head in the sand from you, your team and your advisers is repellent and cowardice personified.”


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