Nigel Farage Is Left Wing? One In Ten Voters Think Ukip Leader Leans Towards Left


One in ten voters believe Nigel Farage leans to the left, according to some rather confusing poll results.

Voters surveyed in an Ipsos MORI poll for the Evening Standard were asked 'how would you describe the views of Nigel Farage?'

And although a majority, 51%, described Farage as on the right, 10% of those asked said they thought he was "left of centre" or "left wing".

Farage has a 33% approval rating for his role as leader of Ukip, according to the poll.

As many people think David Cameron is either “right wing” or “right of centre” (57%) as think Ed Miliband is “left wing” or “left of centre” (54%).

But 12% believe Miliband leans to the right. And 10% believe Cameron is left-wing, curiously the same percentage who think Farage leans toward socialism.

These figures represent an increase of 8 points for Cameron and 10 points for Miliband since October 2010.

The survey also showed that a majority (30%) believe Clegg is in the centre ground - a finding that will please the Lib Dems as the party made a concerted effort at its conference to paint itself as the only centrist party.

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