Tequila UK, 'Pro-Rape' Video Leeds Club Night, Was Previously Banned In Newcastle

The controversial Leeds club night which used a pro-rape video to promote its events was previously banned from a club in Newcastle, it has emerged.

Tequila UK has been slammed for using a video featuring a man who expressed his intentions to rape a female student.

But it's not the first time the company has landed itself in hot water over its promotional tactics. In 2011, the Riverside student club in Newcastle was banned from running the night due to its "appalling" advertisements, according to the Courier Online.

Tequila UK's Facebook page

The flyer depicted a woman on her knees in front of a man, with the slogan “come and swallow” next to the photo, and was distributed to residential areas, including houses where young children lived.

Far from apologising, event manager Tarquin Van De Vaart defended the flyer, saying: "We at Tequila see no problem with the flyer. It’s up to the reader’s interpretation as to how they view the flyer. Those with a crude mind may think the worst."

The footage for Tequila UK's Leeds night, which has since been removed, saw a male ask several female students how they were going to "survive violation".

Below is an excerpt from the transcript:

Presenter: "How are you going to violate a fresher tonight?"

Student: "I've got one here with me who's just disappeared.. There she is."

Presenter: "And what are you going to do to her tonight?"

Student: "Well she's paying for the cab, she's paying for the drinks."

Presenter: "Strong."

Student: "She's going to get raped."

One student says: "I'm going to fist them in the arse. They won't even know," with another adding: "Violate is a very strong word. I'm going to take advantage of someone."

Police are now investigating the events promoter, following the public outcry over the company's promotional methods.

The club promoters advertising the video on Facebook

Tequila UK's club night, "Freshers Violation", is currently held at Mezz Club, and the venue has come under extreme pressure to stop hosting the event.

The manager of Mezz club told HuffPost UK: "We do not deal with promotions. The video was made by an external promotion company."

When asked if they would be continuing to host Tequila UK's nights he replied: "No comment."