Twats On Tinder Tumblr: An (Unfair) Compilation Of Men From The Online Dating App

Twats On Tinder Tumblr: An (Unfair) Compilation Of Men From The Online Dating App

Anyone who's on Tinder (or indeed any online dating site) knows that the world is full of some complete and utter losers.

This is why most Tinder sessions are spent swiping no, no, no and no. (You're not being too picky, we're all doing it.)

For me any potential suitors are ultimately rejected if they: have a topless photograph, are drinking straight vodka out of an overpriced bottle in a club, wear brightly coloured trousers...

But everyone's tastes are different. And on the flip-side I understand that my dreams of finding a hairy-faced Prince Charming to swoop me off my feet on his super cool velo, would make many others (close friends included) want to vomit into the nearest bin. As my mother always taught me: it takes all sorts.

So, when we stumbled across a Tumblr named Twats On Tinder - a compilation of men on Tinder that are thought to be, in the creator's words not ours, 'twats' - we thought it a bit on the harsh side.

All the men featured are anonymous - meaning that their eyes and names are blocked out. But the site doesn't do a very good job of concealing identities, you'd instantly recognise someone you knew.

The creators do give reasons for each entry, but the crimes are subjective - they come down to nothing but personal taste (see above for mine).

Our verdict: We're all guilty of making snap judgements of people but compiling them on the internet? Not cool.

Also, imagine if it was the other way around and the site featured women. There. Would. Be. Outrage.