'The Paradise' Series 2 Episode 1 Review Finds Everything The Same But Different, With Arrival Of Ben Daniels

'The Paradise' opened its department store doors for a second series, and what should have been the big news was Mr Moray's (Emun Elliott) impending return from exile, much to the palpitations of Denise's (Joanna Vanderham) beating heart.

But this was trumped by Miss Glendinning's (Elaine Cassidy) bigger news, with the return of the senses that had temporarily abandoned her - "It was ridiculous that I could marry a storekeeper, and be at war with a shop girl," she rationalised. Instead, having abandoned her wedding to Moray, she's gone and become Mrs Weston, wife to Tom, stepmother to Flora.

Mr Weston (Ben Daniels) has brought fresh intrigue to the floors of The Paradise

Cue Ben Daniels' appearance, all intensity and mischief, sticking his twitchy nose into all the goings-on and stirring things up with a watch-chain and a twirl of that bushy 'tache.

But behind the camp charms of Mr Weston and his cunning plan to sell The Paradise and kick Mr Moray to the kerb, we inevitably discovered another, more serious, layer, one of fear and trauma, to which only his wife apparently has access, and hints at a deeper bond than we have yet to understand.

Mr Moray came back for his Denise, while he showed he still knew how to run the store

Compared with this complexity, the romance of Mr Moray and Denise seemed a bit frothy, and will need to develop. On the bright side, Mr Moray's marketing tactics continue to delight as previously - this time around, he locked the shop to keep customers waiting, and the tills rattled accordingly. He's still got it.