Apple iPad Event: What To Expect From The October Announcement

Apple will launch a new line-up of iPads (and a few more surprises) at an event from California and London on Tuesday 22 October.

But what specifically should you expect from the announcement?

Here's what we know will happen, what we think might happen -- and what we're pretty sure won't occur, but we're hoping for anyway.

iPad 5

An update to Apple's flagship tablet is a virtual certainty. An upgraded processor and other basic internals are a lock. A better rear-facing camera is also pretty high on the list, as is a visual refresh. We're hearing that the new design will have a thinner bezel, like the current iPad Mini, and might come in a few new colours (perhaps even the same gold as the most sought-after iPhone 5S).

iPad Mini 2

A new iPad Mini with a Retina display, better processor and refreshed design (again in a few new colours) is another sure bet. It's possible that the same Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 5S could also come to the machine, though that would drive the price up - which seems counter to the iPad Mini's low-cost ethos. On the other hand we wouldn't be surprised if the original iPad Mini was kept around too, as a very low-cost entry point to the iOS ecosystem.

iPad Pro

There's some talk about a new, bigger iPad (perhaps as large as 12-inches) making an appearance with a thin bezel, possibly a TouchID sensor and a premium price-point. The idea would be to further blur the line between tablets and laptops. Which brings us onto…

Smart Covers

Apple's tagline for the event is "we still have a lot to cover" - and you don't have to be a genius to work out the key word in that sentence. A range of keyboard 'smart' covers' (similar to those released by Microsoft last year for its Surface tablets) would be a straightforward win for Apple, since many of its customers use such covers for their devices already. Without a kickstand it might prove more of a challenge to design something simple, sleek and useful, but we have a feeling Apple will find a way to pull it off.

Apple TV

No - not an Apple Television. But an update to the Apple TV set-top box has been trailed for a long time by various outlets, and we'd like to see an upgrade with more space for third-party apps, and a better design. Still, it's hard to see how Apple could do anything totally game-changing without a major rethink of its TV strategy, and that will likely come next year.

Mac Pro

The already-announced Mac Pro (yes, the 'dustbin' one) will get pricing and availability information at the event. As will…

Mac OS X Mavericks

The new version of Apple's desktop OS will get its final details before launch later this year (possibly before the end of October). Oh and…

Macbook Pros

We're hearing a lot of rumours about possible updates to the Macbook Pro line, including a slightly fanciful idea of a 12-inch Retina 'Air Pro' with a Haswell processor. But we'll believe that when we see it.

Mac Mini

We have no details on this, but it would be nice to see the Mac Mini get a much-deserved upgrade.