macbook pro

Here's our verdict on Apple's most powerful (and expensive) tablet.
Take a look at Apple’s Pro range of products and it’s clear that for a company that makes one of the most mainstream gadgets
Apple’s new MacBook Pro is truly excellent, if you don’t believe us read our review of it over here. Unfortunately it does
Apple promises the MacBook is 6.8 million times faster than the first ever Macbook.
A 'Professional' should be defined by the work they deliver and the value they bring, not their gear. Use the new MacBook Pro, don't use the new MacBook Pro. Your audience don't care. You just have to keep making great work however you can. For me, I love it and I think most people will do too... once they actually touch it.
How will it ride out a difficult market? I'd put money on Apple continuing to attempt to convert feature-phone customers and a younger crowd with a lower-priced iPhone offering. It currently ticks that box with the iPhone SE which delivers the Apple experience for £220 less than the iPhone 7.
We hope you've got a spare $2,399 knocking around🖥
Apple has launched the next generation MacBook Pro, the first for 18 months, and it is everything we dreamed and more (mainly