21/10/2013 11:35 BST | Updated 21/10/2013 11:38 BST

New York Jets Fan Punches Woman In The Face (VIDEO)

The New York Jets and the New England Patriots' rivalry turned violent off the field when a male Jets supporter punched a female in the face at MetLife Stadium on Sunday.

Following New York's 30-27 win over New England, a man appeared to punch a woman wearing Patriots colours during an altercation.

The video has sparked an investigation from New Jersey State Police

“We are aware of the situation and we do not tolerate that behavior," a Jets spokesman said. "Parties involved were detained and this matter is now in the hands of the New Jersey State Police.”

In the footage, the woman appears to try and shove the man before he aims a punch at her. Another man then rushes in and tries to take a swipe at him.