Beautiful Photo Of Earth By Nasa's Juno Satellite As It Speeds Towards Jupiter (PICTURE)

LOOK: Earth As Seen By Satellite Going 87,000 mph

It may be the fastest man-made object ever in the history of... well, man, but that didn't stop Nasa's Juno satellite from taking a snap of Earth as it sped by recently.

Juno is on a mission to study Jupiter but needed a bit of a speed boost in order to reach the giant planet.

To do this, scientists put it on course to perform a slingshot manoeuvre around the earth earlier this month.

And it worked. Juno is now travelling at a whopping 87,000 mph (140,013kph) and has journeyed 1.01 billion miles (1.63 billion kilometres) since launch in August 2011.

Nasa also took the flyby as an opportunity to test out some of the satellite's onboard observation equipment hence this rather beautiful photo.


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