Suicide Machines: Artist Thijs Rijkers' Inventions Exist Only To Destroy Themselves

Some inventions - say a silent hairdryer - immediately sound like good ideas.

Others, less so. Say a bunch of 'suicide machines' built by an artist.

Fortunately Thijs Rijkers' inventions are designed not to inflict death on the user, but on themselves. These are suicide machines in the most literal sense possible.

These sculptures exist only to bring about their own destruction. One - 'Saw' - uses an electric motor to slowly tear itself in half with jagged, rusted teeth. The other - 'Sand' - is designed to pour sand into its own gears, wearing them down until they snap.

The artist says the machines are "made to create empathy among humans without human traits".

Take a look at how they work below. (H/T Gizmodo)