installation art

A forest planted inside an Austrian soccer stadium opened to the public on Sunday (September 8) with a message that one day nature might only be enjoyed in a museum-like environment. Basel-based artist Klaus Littmann set up the forest of 300 trees in Klagenfurt's 30,000-capacity Woerthersee stadium for the "For Forest" exhibition that will run until Oct. 27.
Prepare to be mesmerised by this incredible video of a musical art installation in a Japanese forest. Tucked away in the
Sometimes art can be beautiful and swell the heart, or it challenges and leads you to re-examine your world view, but on rare occasions it does both. When this happens you find yourself left almost a new person, seeing the world through new eyes.
Some inventions - say a silent hairdryer - immediately sound like good ideas. Others, less so. Say a bunch of 'suicide machines
This summer, Whitney McVeigh presents new work at prestigious locations in Italy. A multimedia artist, McVeigh works with monoprints, fine drawings, film and sculpture.
In this morning's press conference, Sou Fujimoto recalls his dream of making an architectural installation at the Serpentine Gallery which this Saturday will be officially realised upon the pavilion's public opening. Inspired by the trees and people of Kensington Gardens, Fujimoto strives to create an 'artificial geometry'.
At the Edges celebrates the exquisite. A 'place' where reflection, commonly associated with the experience of landscape, actually becomes a part of the work as in the work of Gary Colclough. This exhibition addresses itself at what is usually regarded as an undemanding and exhausted genre of painting.
The first major exhibition to focus on artist Kurt Schwitters' life in Britain following his escape from Nazi Germany opens
Have you ever wanted to trampoline to work? It might sound ludicrous - but it's at least technically possible, as proven
BEDLAM is a wonderfully barmy and idiosyncratic show. The architecture and atmosphere of the building itself adds immeasurably to what is something of a Barnum and Bailey experience, and I would recommend this brave exhibition to anyone who has a taste for the bizarre and the beautiful.