30/10/2013 12:04 GMT | Updated 31/10/2013 05:48 GMT

Halloween Pranks: Top 10 Scariest Tricks (VIDEOS)


Want to put your friends and loved ones in hospital by making them go into cardiac arrest? Then here's the way to go about it.

In honour of Halloween, HuffPost UK have dug up the videos of the most scream-tastic pranks that are arguably just plain cruel.

Ghost Elevator Prank:

One thing is for sure: prank shows in Brazil don't mess about. You're trapped in the lift, to the best of your knowledge, with a demon child bent on stealing your soul. What do you do? We're quite certain we would have been in need of new trousers. Ghost kids aren't funny. Especially not in tiny, enclosed spaces.

Zombie Experiment New York City:

The idea of a zombie apocalypse may seem novelty to some, but what would it actually be like if the undead started roaming our streets? One filmmaker found out...

Slender Man:

Sometimes the simplest tricks are the best. The fictional character that originated as an Internet meme is commonly said to stalk, abduct, or traumatise people, particularly children – so, who wouldn't be happy to see him down a dark alley?

Drive Thru Skeleton Driver Prank:

Poor thing just wanted to put some meat on those bones.

The Most Horrible Boyfriend In The World:

This young man took his life into his own hands. Let alone dumping him, this guy would be lucky to keep his manhood intact if he did this to us.

Real-Life Dinosaur Attack:

Oh Japan. You never are one to do things by half are you? A TV show recreated a very 'Jurassic Park' moment. To be fair, we'd probably react like this too...


Because who doesn't love being chased down the street by a chainsaw wielding maniac?

Brazil Strikes Again...

Note to self: never take an elevator in Brazil. Always use the stairs.