Once You Watch This Video, You'll Never Have Sex/Not Wash Your Hands/Eat Sushi Ever Again (VIDEO)

WATCH: Once You Watch This Video, You'll Never Have Sex/Eat Sushi Ever Again

If you lean towards the OCD side of cleanliness, you may want to look away now, or else face the future living in a sanitised environment like Bubble Boy.

This latest video from ASAPScience has certainly drummed home the message that yes, washing your hands is important, and not just because you are going to get the walls dirty. It's because you may be carrying pinworms in them, which may get transferred to the skin.

The end result, they say, unflinchingly, is that "your butthole becomes a nest" for these worms.

Also tackled are the nematodes that may be present in sushi which could result in vomiting, and the sheer hideous nature of mosquitoes. But hey, don't take our word for it, take a look!