British Gas Seeks Social Media Manager After #AskBG And Facebook Fails

British Gas is looking for a "senior social media manager", days after the energy giant stumbled into two major online fails.

The social media guru will be paid up to £60,000 to manage British Gas' social media channels effectively and measure the "success of social media engagement".

British Gas' brave Bert Pijls taking on Twitter

The firm's decision to answer questions on Twitter in an "#AskBG" session on the day it announced a 9.2% energy price rise resulted in the firm's customer service director, Bert Pijls, being deluged with abuse and vitriol.

Days after the social media meltdown, British Gas stumbled into another disaster on Facebook as a sponsored post was received more than 20,000, overwhelmingly negative comments, and more than 2,700 shares, with similarly damning comments, calling the provider "thieves" and "shysters".

If at first you don't succeed... try Facebook

One woman wrote: "Thanks British Gas as I rent my property privately, I can not change my provider. Which means my two asthmatic children will have to put extra jumpers on, as the government have said. £200 a month I have to pay to keep my house warm for a two up, two down. What a joke. My heating will have to be turned off a lot more this year. I hope you can live with your selves, British gas when the elderly, children and ill suffer. As a mother am suppose to keep my children warm and safe how will I keep my children warm this year?"

"Why raise prices so dramatically? In truth your only commitment is to pay a good dividend," another wrote.

"Delete this link from your FB people and delete BG from your lives," another man wrote. "Their marketing is working as you are all commenting. The only way to beat them is to ignore them and switch providers."

Whoever decides to take over British Gas' social media will certainly need a thick skin.

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