Denise Van Outen: How Showbiz Are You?

We put former 'Strictly Come Dancing' star Denise Van Outen through her showbiz paces to determine where on the celeb-o-metre she resides...

Denise Van Outen

1. Who’s the most famous name in your mobile?

It depends on what level of fame you think. Kimberley Walsh is a very good friend of mine and she was in the biggest girl band of the last decade. And then David Walliams is a close friend of mine so he's in there. But you wouldn't know they're in my phonebook as they're all code named. I have to do it in case I lose my phone.


2. Most bizarre thing you’ve ever read about yourself?

I've been engaged and married more times than I actually have. It's normally people that I'm going out with but the press try and marry you off. You can just be out having lunch and they say you've been browsing engagement rings. It's always really embarrassing, especially if you've only just started dating someone. I remember when I was going out with JK from Jamiroquai back in the 90s, I'd only been going out with him for about two weeks and a magazine put the two of us on a cover dressed as a bride and groom. We hadn't even said we were boyfriend and girlfriend!


3. How much is too much for a haircut?

I don't spend a lot on my hair which probably shows. Some people I know have come out of the hairdressers having spent £250 for a haircut! That's too much. No jzusy salons for me.


4. Strangest place you’ve been recognised?

On the Great Wall Of China quite recently. A group of Chinese students who'd previously lived in London spotted me and I ended up doing pictures with them.


5. Weirdest thing you’ve been sent by a fan?

I was sent a disposable camera once and they asked me to take pictures of myself and return it to them. So instead I took loads of random pictures of people in the street and sent it back.


6. Best party ever?

Oooh, I've been to a good few parties let me tell you. The Brits used to be really good back in the day. I think the 1998 Brits, which were my first ones, and it was back when it was all Oasis and Blur and everyone got really drunk. It was very different to how the Brits are now, they're a little bit more controlled.


7. Ever used your fame to get what you want?

Sometimes to get tables in restaurants, but not normally for myself. Quite often I'll be going with a group of girlfriends who want to go somewhere quite jzusy and they say, 'can I phone up and say it's for you?' And I'm like you can do that, but I'm not calling.


8. How much cash would it take to get you to pose in the buff?

Not much, I'd do it for 100 quid nowadays. Times are hard. Group of 10 blokes, a tenner each, have a quick whip round.


9. Best freebie you ever received?

My friend works for a record label so I get free tickets to gigs and concerts. I went to see Mumford and Sons and I had access all areas backstage passes which was good.


10. Ever been chatted up by another celeb?

Yeah I have, but I can't name them. You can't, can you really? One of them I bump into quite regularly and he's married now, and he'd be so embarrassed.


Result: 31/50

Despite her famous pals and willingness to use her name to get a table in a posh restaurant, it's good to know that after 16 years in the biz, the former ladette is still the same old Denise from Basildon.

Denise is currently working with Argos on their 2013 Toy Exchange to help raise money for Banardo's. For more information, please visit the website here.

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