'Homeland' Renewed For Fourth Series By US Network Showtime

The current series of 'Homeland' may not be quite tickling our cerebral synapses in the way of previous series, particularly the stunning debut season, but the people who pay for it are obviously happy enough.

American network Showtime have confirmed that the political drama, starring Damian Lewis, Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin, will be back for a fourth series, with another 12 episodes commissioned.

The chemistry between Claire Danes and Damian Lewis has helped 'Homeland' secure a transatlantic fanbase

So 'Homeland' may be back with us for another year, but as yet, it's unclear just who we'll get to see in it. The dramatic finale to Series 2 saw a high body count including the loss of major player CIA chief Estes, played by actor David Harewood, and fellow Brit Damian Lewis has said he's never been confident that his character, the demonised Nick Brody, will live to a content old age.

He said recently of the show that has brought him a Golden Globe and an Emmy, "I think Homeland can go on forever. Whether Brody can go on forever is a different matter.

"We’ll just play each season as it comes. Writers write themselves into interesting positions, sometimes not wholly expected positions. So it’s a continuing surprise for everybody."

With or without Brody, does Lewis think Homeland can continue indefinitely? "I know they won't flog it," he said. "I think once it stops being interesting, they'll leave it alone."

Talking of interesting versus tired, Lewis also spoke to Digital Spy a while ago, when he mused on the prospect of Brody and Carrie ever actually settling down together...

"I think Brody and Carrie are over. I think it's over. I don't think those two can be together - can you imagine them being married and bringing up kids? It wouldn't last long."