Prince George Christening Coverage: The Independent Shows Us How It's Done

Prince George Baptism: The Independent Shows Us How It's Done

We here at HuffPost UK tip our hats in respect to the Indy, who have stuck to their Republican guns and pointedly given the royal christening a tiny story of 19 words over four lines — on page 27.

“Prince George was christened yesterday in a private ceremony at St James’ Palace led by the Archbishop of Canterbury," the short, but sweet article reads.

The thorough NIB

No prizes for guessing which papers went into royal baby overload this morning, with the Daily Mail restraining itself with a mere 15 pages of coverage — incredibly, even more than The Express.

The Times, meanwhile, had an almost life-sized picture wrap with seven sides of in-depth reporting on the three-month old royal nipper.

The incident recalls the Independent's equally comprehensive coverage of Charles and Camilla's engagement:

The Independent's royal coverage

If you did want to read some coverage of the Royal baby's baptism however, just read below...


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