Elton John To Perform On 'X Factor' In Dramatic U-Turn After Calling It 'Brain-Crippling'

It's seems Sir Elton John is for turning. The singer has agreed to perform on 'X Factor', the show he once called "ar*e-paralysingly brain-crippling”.

Show boss Simon Cowell is known for getting his own way but according to The Sun it wasn't him but judge Sharon Osbourne who managed to change the mind of the Rocket Man.

Elton John

Elton previously refused all of Simon's attempts to get him on the ITV singing contest and famously told the Radio Times in 2010: “I’m not a fan of talent shows. I probably wouldn’t have lasted if I’d gone on one.

“It’s become boring, a**e-paralysingly brain-crippling.”

He also warned the show’s winners that: “TV vaults you to superstardom and then you have to back it up."

Simon hit back at the criticism in an interview on 'Piers Morgan Tonight' laying into John, his fees, and what he called his selfishness.

"Well, look. This is somebody who charges what - a million dollars a private gig? Two million dollars, you know? I don't know whether he's concerned about himself... But... they always bleat on that we're not giving other people a chance. And I always want to say to them, 'I tell you what, you just made a million dollars off - off your last private gig. Go and give it to a bunch of young musicians you care about, put them in the studio. Go and nurture them. Go and spend some time looking after them.' Then I'll buy your argument," Simon said.

In March, Elton also attacked 'The Voice', accusing the BBC One talent show of producing "nonentities".

The veteran musician blasted the poor track record of 'The Voice' on both sides of the Atlantic and said the contest was more about the coaches than the contestants.

But now Kylie's judging the next series, will Elton also end up performing on 'The Voice'? And, who knows, perhaps even a duet with his old Nemesis Madonna?