Halloween Makeup Ideas: Become A Zombie Or Corpse Bride With YouTube Tutorials

Sexy nurses and naughty devils are not only vomit-inducing but soooo Halloween 2004.

This year is all about makeup - zombie brides, skeletons, witches - you name it, all costumes look better (and scarier) once you've put some ghoulish slap on.

But, now that you're past the age of seven and there is no happy-go-lucky party planner to administer your face paint, you're going to have to do it yourself. And it is no easy feat.

So get your hands dirty (with make-up) and relive Halloweens of yesteryear by zombie-fying your visage.

Luckily we've pulled together some Youtube makeup tutorials to guide you - take it away such as Michelle Phan, the Pixiwoo sisters and NikkieTutorials.