'Canyon Of Fire': Solar Filament Eruption Captured In Spectacular Close-Up Video

Nasa has released footage of what it calls a 'canyon of fire' escaping from the surface of the Sun.

The spectacular footage of the Solar Filament Eruption was captured in September by the Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft.

Nasa said:

"The 200,000 mile long filament ripped through the sun's atmosphere, the corona, leaving behind what looks like a canyon of fire. The glowing canyon traces the channel where magnetic fields held the filament aloft before the explosion."

Interestingly, Nasa also notes that technically the Sun isn't even made of fire but of plasma - particles so hot that their electrons have boiled away, creating a gas interwoven with magnetic fields. So not so much a canyon of fire, as a freakishly huge space-ocean of superhot goo.