'Made in Chelsea' TV Review Series 6 Episode 3 - The Definition Of Madness, According To Einstein And Spencer Matthews

Albert Einstein apparently once described insanity as the ability to do the same thing over and over again, and expect a different result. Probably the first time that big benevolent brain has come to mind during 'Made in Chelsea'.

This then could apply to Jamie splitting his favours between Lucy (Watson) and Phoebe - surely the definition of a rock and a hard place. Getting on the wrong side of one of those stern-jawed gals - unfortunate. Both of them - well, that's just bad management.

Go on, Fran, just hit 'Delete All' and be done, I dare you...

Or it could equally apply to Spencer, getting into far too cosy a love hammock with the current squeeze du jour (this week, STILL Stephanie), talking about 'this relationship' until he's blue in the face, failing to understand why she doesn't like him hanging out with the ex, and then strangely strangling himself with the love cords of his own making.

Of course, it could just as well as apply to us mugs tuning in for this particular slot of a Monday evening, hoping against hope that someone shakes off the shackles of peer pressure, deletes every single number in their mobile phone and - dare I say it - gives Cheska or Rosie Fortescue a storyline. What AM I thinking? Madness.


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