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If you grew up in the 70s or 80s, the chances are you’ll be familiar with a little Plasticine man named Morph.

Fashioned simply out of clay, Morph was the mischievous, gibberish-talking character who would frequently interrupt television artist Tony Hart during shows such as Take Hart and Hartbeat.

Joined by his sidekick Nailbrush, friend and occasional foe Chas, as well as a handful of other personalities, the terracotta tyke was beloved by many and is still fondly remembered more than 30 years on.

Bring back Morph!

But dry those tears - for Morph could be making a comeback!

Yes Aardman Animations, the stable famed for also bringing us Wallace and Gromit and Chicken run, is campaigning to bring him back to our online screens.

Revealing the company will itself fund a further £75,000 towards the project, he explained: "The important thing is we’re completely independent, there is no Mr Big with a huge chequebook behind us, nobody telling us what to do."

Someone's very keen! A pretty hefty donation has already been made

If the target is reached by 28 November, production will start in January with the aim of finishing the episodes and releasing them online by July.

“We plan to make a series of all new Morph episodes and we’d love you, his loyal fans, and maybe also you, his new fans, we’d love you to be involved. But we don’t want to second guess what you want. Get involved in the production. Contribute ideas, gags. Tell us what you want to see.”

What’s more, Aardman is offering a “juicy” package of rewards for backers of the project, including access to a private production blog, crew t-shirts, special edition prints, studio tours, and of course, Morph models.

To pledge, click here. And if you're a fan of Morph and want to see him back, share this with your friends!

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