Funeral Selfies Are Actually A Thing, As This Tumblr Proves (PICTURES)


"This was a funeral selfie am I going to hell?" one teen trout pout poser asks. Well, we can pretty much categorically answer you here: Yes. Yes you are.

One has already realised she's made a bit of a faux pas in her selfie location, writing: "I took a selfie in the bathroom at a funeral today and I think that makes me a bad person." You're bang on the money there.

Another firm favourite from the selfiesatfunerals tumblr is a blonde, miniskirt-wearing youth puckering up while her friend gurns in the mirror.

"Cried all my makeup off so ew. But funeral", she writes cryptically. Funeral indeed.

Certainly one of the more bizarre poses is a young male decked out in a five inch Burberry tie, who cups his balls and flexes his arm muscles while posing in mirror at his gran's funeral. Granny would be so proud Haar.

All we can say is: creator Jason Fiefer, we salute you.

*For the sake of their dignities and future employment prospects, we have obscured their faces.

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