Google Glass Driver Gets First Police Traffic Ticket Issued For Wearing The Hi-Tech Specs

Another World First For Google Glass

Despite still being somewhat of a legal grey area, police in California have issued a woman the world's first ticket for driving while wearing Google Glass.

That's right, a pair may have already witnessed their first arrest but now they're on the receiving end.

Cecilia Abadie, a serious fan of the technology (check out her G+ page), was caught speeding in San Diego and stopped by a California Highway Patrol officer.

Not only was she charged with going to fast but also for "distracted driving".

Interestingly this offence normally only covers things like TVs and doesn't cover GPS or vehicle displays.

So is Glass covered?

Other states have classed the wearable tech in the same category as mobiles in an effort to stop people using it while driving but California is yet to make such a ruling.

That will be for the courts to decide and could see the setting of some new legal precedents.


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