Halloween Sorted: David Lewandowski's 'Floppy Man' Animation Is Horrific (VIDEO)

This ‘Naked Floppy Man' Animation Is Scarier Than Anything You'll See On Halloween (VIDEO)

You can keep your witches, warlocks, demons and devils. THIS is what Halloween is all about.

And it’s not even meant to be.

This floppy, terrifyingly erratic and naked mannequin is the very excellent and disturbing work of David Lewandowski – he who designed the title sequence for Tron Legacy.

Entitled Late For The Meeting, it is a sequel to his 2011 work Going To The Store (video below). Going To The Store caused such a splash, it saw Lewandowski snapped up by production company Pulse Films just four days later, according to Promo News.

We have no clue what the hell is going on here, but we know we wouldn’t like to run into it in the street.

H/t to Us Vs Them.


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