100 Cars Blowing Up In 'GTA 5' At Once (VIDEO)


Some things don't require a huge amount of explanation. Like, why a person would go to the trouble of lining up more than 100 cars in Grand Theft Auto 5 before blowing them up, just to watch them explode en-masse in a terrible, spectacular demonstration of the game's physics engine.

As it turns out, Kotaku informs us that the person responsible, 'SubParButInHD', actually used a cheat to spawn the cars in a row and didn't actual steal them all and line them all up.

But regardless, the result is pretty wonderful. GTA might have been temporarily surpassed in our games wish-list by the brilliant Assassin's Creed 4, but unless that game includes the secret ability to line up 100 pirate ships and blow them up in one go, Rockstar's amazing crime sim might have it beat.

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